Medi Help Hospital

Hospital Facilities

  1. Emergency Department: The hospital is equipped with a dedicated emergency department staffed by experienced healthcare professionals who provide prompt and comprehensive care to patients with urgent medical needs 24/7.

  2. Diagnostic Imaging: The hospital offers advanced diagnostic imaging services, including X-ray, ultrasound, CT scan, MRI, and mammography, to facilitate accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.

  3. Laboratory Services: The hospital has a full-service laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for conducting a wide range of diagnostic tests, including blood tests, urine tests, and microbiological analyses.

  4. Operating Theaters: The hospital features modern operating theaters equipped with advanced surgical equipment and technology to support a wide range of surgical procedures across various specialties.

  5. Intensive Care Units (ICUs): The hospital has specialized intensive care units, including medical, surgical, cardiac, and neonatal ICUs, staffed by skilled critical care professionals to provide advanced monitoring and care for critically ill patients.

  6. Inpatient Wards: The hospital offers comfortable inpatient wards with spacious rooms and amenities to ensure a conducive environment for patients’ recovery and well-being during their hospital stay.

  7. Outpatient Clinics: The hospital hosts outpatient clinics for various medical specialties, providing consultation, evaluation, and follow-up care for patients without the need for hospitalization.

  8. Pharmacy: The hospital has an in-house pharmacy stocked with a wide range of medications and pharmaceutical supplies to fulfill patients’ prescription needs and ensure timely access to essential medications.

  9. Rehabilitation Services: The hospital offers rehabilitation services, including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy, to support patients’ recovery and rehabilitation following injury, illness, or surgery.

  10. Telemedicine Services: The hospital provides telemedicine services, allowing patients to consult with healthcare providers remotely via video conferencing or telephone, enhancing access to medical care, especially for patients unable to visit the hospital in person.

  11. Patient Amenities: The hospital offers various patient amenities, including cafeteria services, waiting areas, prayer rooms, and parking facilities, to ensure patients and their families have a comfortable and convenient experience during their visit to the hospital.


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